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Location & Time Air Condtioning System Price Cost Notes
Chandler, Arizona, August, 2016 Standard
Trane Air conditioner:
4TWR7048A1 4.0 ton(48,000BTU)
Trane Coil:
Nexia thermostat

10 year compressor, parts & 3 year labor
$8063 after utility rebate
Chandler, Arizona, August, 2016
American Standard Air conditioner:
4A6H7048 4.0 ton(48,000BTU)
American Standard Air conditioner:
AM7A0C48H41 4.0 ton(48,000BTU)
10 year compressor, parts & 3 year labor
Chandler, Arizona, August, 2016
York Air conditioner:
YZH04812 2.0 ton(24,000BTU)
York Coil:
7924 after mfg & utility rebate,1 story home approx. 1800 sf livable
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, October, 2016
Lennox Air conditioner:
XP16 2.5 ton(30,000BTU)
Lennox Air conditioner:
CBX32MV 2.5 ton(30,000BTU)
a small home that is single story plus unfinished basement at about 1200 sf space on the living floor.
New Jersey, October, 2016
Carrier Furnace:
58CTW090-16 7.5 ton(90,000BTU)
Carrier Air conditioner:
Infinity R-410A (Puron) high efficiency condensing model CNPV4821 4.0 ton(48,000BTU)
House is 1600 sq ft., two-story in Northern New Jersey
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