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Location & Time Air Condtioning System Price Cost Notes
New Jersey, June, 2010
Goodman Furnace:
GMVC095090 95% EFFICIENCY 7.5 ton(90,000BTU)
Goodman Air conditioner:
SSX16036 16 SEER 3.0 ton(36,000BTU)
Goodman Coil:
Cleveland, Ohio, 44118, December, 2010
Goodman Air conditioner:
3.0 ton(36,000BTU)
Lilburn, Georgia, 30047, November, 2010
Goodman Air conditioner:
2.0 ton(24,000BTU)
Goodman Furnace:
6.0 ton(72,000BTU)
5200 Flush old lineset, Minor duct work, New Drain Pan,
New Goodman 2 ton 16 Seer AC & 70,000 BTU gas furnace. Price included installation, line flush, digital thermostat, outside pad, water safety switch, condensation pump and 10 years parts & labor warranty.
Atlanta, Georgia, 30366, April, 2011
Goodman Air conditioner:
13 seer + 90K furnace 3.0 ton(36,000BTU)
3500 Install new lineset,
condensate pump, safety cutoff, connect to existing plenum and air return.
Greensboro, North Carolina, 27455, July, 2011
Goodman Air conditioner:
646738 3.0 ton(36,000BTU)
3400 Concrete Slab,
Pennsylvania, September, 2012
Goodman Air conditioner:
GSX30 2.5 ton(30,000BTU)
Goodman Coil:
sq feet: 3,600, two story.
We are replacing two 25 year old AC systems. Each system contols a floor of the house.

 Total for 16 SEER would be $11,995. 
Texas, July, 2013
Goodman Air conditioner:
SSX160301 (16 seer, 2.5 ton) 2.5 ton(30,000BTU)
Goodman Furnace:
GMH80803BN (2-stage, 80%, 80k) (80,000BTU)
Goodman Coil:
For a  middle unit townhouse (1600sq ft), 
Aprilaire 700m humidifier

For an additional $300: GMVC80604B
Pennsylvania, March, 2014
Goodman Furnace:
GMVC955115DX 95% efficient, variable speed fan, two stage heat, propane fired furnace. (100,000BTU)
Goodman Coil:
CAPF3642DX cased air conditioning coil
Goodman Air conditioner:
SSX140421, 42,000 BTU, 3.5 ton, 410A Refrigerant, 14 SEER 3.5 ton(42,000BTU)
17000 Minor duct work,

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