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Location & Time Air Condtioning System Price Cost Notes
Virginia, July, 2010
Rheem Air conditioner:
RAPM-048-JEZ​4 4.0 ton(48,000BTU)
Rheem Coil:
Rheem Furnace:
RGPE-12EARJR​2 (80,000BTU)
Warranty- 10 year parts+ labor, 20 year heat exchanger 
Clarksville, Tennessee, July, 2010
Rheem Air conditioner:
RARL-036JEZ 3.0 ton(36,000BTU)
Rheem Coil:
Rheem Furnace:
RGRM-07 YGB Classic Series 95% two stage 4.0 ton(48,000BTU)
This is for the 1st (main floor) 1480 sqft, Manual J Total heat gain 27139 BTUH (23714/3425 Sensible/Latent)
Total heat loss 46345 BTUH 
Wichita, Kansas, February, 2009
Rheem Furnace:
RGFD-10EZCMS 10.0 ton(120,000BTU)
Rheem Air conditioner:
RARL048JEZ 4.0 ton(48,000BTU)
plus inclusion of a humidity control digital thermostat (Big Blue), an Aprilaire humidifier (Model #600), and a 2200 Space Gard Air Filtration system
Detroit, Michigan, June, 2008
Rheem Furnace:
RGFD-10EZCMS (100,000BTU)
Rheem Coil:
Rheem Air conditioner:
RARL 048JEZ 4.0 ton(48,000BTU)
w/new Honeywell electronic air cleaner and fan humidifier
/new Contour Thermostat 
Wisconsin, April, 2009
Rheem Air conditioner:
RASL036 3.0 ton(36,000BTU)
Rheem Furnace:
RGFD 09 7.5 ton(90,000BTU)
Rheem Coil:
RCFN 3624
New Jersey, September, 2011
Rheem Furnace:
14AJM18 5.0 ton(60,000BTU)
Rheem Coil:
townhouse with neighbors on both sides. We have two units, one for the first floor, located in the basement and one for the second floor located in the attic. At this point, replacing attic unit only (furnace & ac). Second floor is 952 sq ft.

$5600 after rebates
New York, September, 2011
Rheem Furnace:
Contour RGFG-06-EMCKS 6.0 ton(72,000BTU)
-sheet metal transition to existing ductwork

-new thermostat

-vent thru side wall with PVC piping

-removal of old furnace

-replace media

-replace gas connections

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